Re/genT is  strong in development of cooling systems.

A large part of these systems are based on vapor compression technology, but also other systems have been developed (e.g. Stirling and Peltier). Energy efficiency improvement studies are performed on domestic refrigerators, commercial coolers or freezers and heat pumps. For more information, please download our brochure here.

Further development of an existing adiabatic dewpointcooler by characterising the thermal and electrical performance. The design was optimised by adjustment of the heat exchanger size and the geometry of the primary and secondary air channels.

Assistance in the development of an air source heat pump to be applied for central heating of houses. In order to obtain maximum performance of the heat pump a theoretical model was created to simulate the heat pump performance under real operating conditions.

Development of a very small table top freezer for storage ice cream on counters inside bars. The objective was to minimize the space for the cooling system in order to obtain a freezer as small as possible.

Technical improvement of the cooling system of a Heineken Extreme Draught (XD) beer dispenser in order to avoid extensive ice formation on the internal walls.