Re/genT is expert in research projects in the refrigeration and air conditioning field.

Research projects are often performed in co-operation with international partners, but are also performed directly for customers. Below a selection is presented of previous and ongoing research projects.

The RenewX project (www.renewx.euis funded by the European Union Seventh Framework Programme for Research for SME Associations.

The 3-year project, started in Februari 2013, is about the development and demonstration of compact, multi-source heat exchanger technologies for renewable energy applications.

The ELICT "Environmentally Low Impact Cooling Technology" project ( is a project funded by the European Union Seventh Framework Programme for Research.

The 3-year project will help efficient gas free magnetic cooling move from a laboratory scale technology to a high volume marketable product. The project started in January 2014.

The Expand project (, is funded by the European Commission under the umbrella of the Framework 7 programm. It focuses on the development of an expansion valve for CO2 and hydrocarbon refrigerants to reduce the energy consumption of cold vending machines and small commercial coolers. In this project Re/genT is one of the technical research partners. Next to this Re/genT is coordinator of this project and responsible for the overall management of the project.

iCool prototype

The iCool project concerns the development of a highly energy efficient glass door beverage cooler. This is achieved by applying a combination of existing improvement solutions as well as by development of novel technologies which maximises the benefits of these improvement options. 

The objective of this project ( ) was to develop a cooler that can accomodate drink cans and bottles and chill them rapidly. Products are stored at ambient temperature avoiding the energy use of a cooling system required to keep them cold. Product are chilled to the desired cold drinking temperature during the purchasing process.

Terra Therma is a European Commission funded research project under the Frame Work 6 programme.

In this project a Stirling motor driven heat pump is developed for home heating. In this way the lost heat generated by the Stirling motor is efficiently used as an additional heat input to the heat pump.