Commercial appliance plug in door opener

Energy consumption and performance tests on commercial, plug in and remote, cooling cabinets such as ice cream freezers, bottle coolers and vending machines are carried out according to international standards (for example ISO 23953 or AS 1731) or standards developed by ice cream or beverage suppliers such a Coca Cola, Unilever or Heineken. 

Re/genT has experience with testing for approval for the UK - ECA program and for applications to the Topten list ( including the Swiss rebate programm ( Since European energy labelling and eco-design measures are expected to become reality soon for commercial storage cabinets (Enter LOT 1) as well as for commercial display refrigerators and freezers (LOT 12), energy consumption becomes more and more relevant. For such products Re/genT is actively involved in energy efficiency projects with the objective to reduce the energy consumption without increasing the commercial sales price. Furthermore Re/genT is involved in the development of European standards for testing the energy consumption of beverage coolers and ice cream freezers (TC44/WG6). These standards are required to define the test procedures for the, soon coming, energy efficiency label.