Re/genT has developed measurement evaluation software called ColApp, which is already successfully distributed to various refrigerator testing laboratories and manufacturers.


Re/genT has developed measurement evaluation software called ColApp for domestic and commerical refrigerators, which is successfully distributed to many refrigerator testing laboratories and refrigerator manufacturers all over the world.

ColApp complies with the IEC 62552-1-2-3: 2015 standards and amendments, as well as regional standards derived from it such as the European EN 62552-1-2-3: 2020 standard. The software incorporates energy consumption and performance measurements for domestic refrigerators, beverage coolers, ice cream freezers, supermarket display cabinets and refrigerated storage cabinets and contains all stabilization criteria. These criteria are not practical to be evaluated manually and require dedicated algorithms, which have been integrated into the ColApp software. Measurement results are being visualized with a transparent, graphical user interface.

Regional energy regulations (e.g. labels and limits) are being calculated automatically, which provides a clear overview of the different energy classes of a specific refrigerator based on the measurement results from a specific sample tested. ColApp is regularly updated to include regions with new energy regulations.

Download the brochure here.

Data communication

ColApp has the functionality to automatically read measurement data. The software communicates with various state of the art temperature and power measurement data acquisition systems.

ColApp has integrated stability functions to automatically evaluate stability for the following IEC 62552:-1-2-3: 2015 based tests:

  • Energy consumption test, SS1 case
  • Energy consumption test, D&F case
  • Energy consuption test, SS2 case
  • Storage test
  • Freezing capacity test
  • Cooling capacity test
  • Temperature rise

Stability compliance is automatically shown in a graphical format on your display screen, which make testing analysis practical, accurate and easy to do.

For more information, please feel free to contact Mr. Patrick Beks (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).