Test rigs Noise Test system

The compressor Noise Test system controls all operating conditions of a compressor running inside an acoustic test room (Suction and discharge pressure, suction gas temperature, compressor power supply, compressor speed). Optionally for variable speed compressors also a ramp up and ramp down in speed can be programmed, while maintaining all other operating conditions constant.

The system itself is placed outside the acoustic room, normally on a rather large distance from the compressor being evaluated. The components of the system that are positioned inside the acoustic room (e.g. suction gas conditioner, discharge line heaters, oil seperator with valves, hoses and couplings) are designed in such a way that they do not influence the noise measurement. The system automatically sequences over different test conditions as programmed by the user and when obtaining stabil operation sends out a trigger signal to the acoustic measurement equipment (acoustic room and acoustic equipment are not part of this system).

The system is suitable to perform tests according ANSI AHRI standard 530-2011 (Rating of Sound and Vibration for Refrigerant Compressors). Optionally, the system can be equipped with vibration sensors and pressure pulsation sensors to perform the vibration and pressure pulsation test according to the mentioned standard.

The system is fully automatic; after installing the compressor, the compressor will automatically be evacuated and tests will automatically be performed over a wide range of selectable operating conditions. Before removing a compressor it can be evacuated by the system.

The system assures a very fast stabilisation time of about 15 minutes after starting the compressor and 15 minutes for each new test condition.

The amount of temperature measurements (inlcuding contact free shell temperature measurement) is flexible and optionally also the compressor input supply (voltage, frequency, current power) is measured.