Re/genT has a Test & Measurement laboratory, providing tools for modern research and development activities.  The following list provides some information about these facilities. 

Temperature and humidity controlled climate rooms

In total 13 temperature and humidity controlled climate rooms ranging from a 7 x 7 m room for large products to the smallest one suited for testing one single refrigerator.

Test rigs

    • Two compressor calorimeters;
    • Two condensing unit test calorimeters;
    • Heat exchanger test rigs (evaporators, condensers, secondary fluids, etc.);
    • Heat pump test rig for air to air systems;
    • Air conditioner test room for portable air conditioners;

Large Climate Room

 Test and Measurement equipment

  • Many single and three phase high accuracy power meters;
  • Temperature, flow, pressure, infrared images, humidity;
  • More than 800 analog input channels are scanned 7 x 24 hour;
  • PID, on/off or timer control using any of the scanned channels as process parameter.

Refrigerator testing

  • EN 62552, IEC 62552 or ISO-EN-23953 test packages;
  • ANSI AHAM HRF-1-2008 test packages;
  • Automatic door opening installations.


For more information about the Re/genT laboratory and its facilities, please feel free to contact Mr. Hans de Jong (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)